for many people who live in cities|At one with nature单元能力测试卷

For many who live infor many people who live in cities|At one with nature单元能力测试卷,parks are an part of the . They a place for to relax and playfor many people who live in cities, as well as a from the often of a city. What often is that parks also .

One of parks is that and give off , which need to . to one study, an acre of trees can the same of that a car emits in 11,000 miles of . Parks also make . have long noted what is the Urban Heat : such as metal and (混凝土) much more of the sun’s heat and (释放) it much more than like trees and grass. city so much of these , are than rural areas. Parks and other green help to the Urban Heat .

, many more parks most land is being used for , roads, lots,and other parts of the urban .for many people who live in cities,could from many of the of parks by to type of green space: . While most would not think of a on their roofcách live stream tiktok,human have been on for of years. Some are that can with the (投资) of a few and a few hours of work.

many of the same as other urban parks andfor many people who live in cities,but up the much­ land. In thefor many people who live in cities, from heat from the sun, which can bills. In the , help the heat that like brick and so , to on bills. and herb can also fresh food for city , their diets . are not only can enjoy,they are also a smart .

7. The word “emits” in the means “”.

A. away

B.takes up out

for many people who live in cities

D. in

8. Which of the to the Urban Heat ?

A.More .

B.More trees and grass.

C.More lots.

D.More .

9. When it comes towindow live mail download for window 7, what can be from the ?

A.They make much .

for many people who live in cities

B.They more than urban parks.

C.They help to save money and keep a diet.

D.They have very in years.

10. What’s the ‘s ?





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