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Many kids help out the house with such as thefor many people who live in cities,awaylive performance, and out the trash. In , some kids get or other such as extra time.

But some do not think that kids get for doing . Susie , a and coach, that by kids, are a that work isn’t worth doing you get in . ’’ any kind of is a team ,Susie said. “A home is a space for in the . It’s for kids to see that we all have in the housefor many people who live in cities, and that how they want their home to look, and how they are going to keep it like wants it to look.”

Other that a cash or other kids to do ,and it also them real world about how we need to work to earn money. There are also new that give kids and gifts that can be (兑取) or in the real world. With the appfor many people who live in citiesfor many people who live in cities,kids earn by that they can turn in for real-life such as extra Xbox time or a trip to the mall. “Our goal is to kids to earnfor many people who live in cities for many people who live ,’’ says Chris ,of . “Kids need to help them.”

What do you think? kids be for doing ? Or kids help out their homes in ?

Write a 200-word . Send it to . Your may be in a issue of Time For Kids. your grade and of your or if you want your to be . The for is 18.

8. How does the start the ?

A.By some facts.

B.By some .

C.By views.

D.By his own .

9. to Susietải booyah live, . be for doing

B. what kids can do for the have the to share can get extra time for doing

10. 3 is about.

A.Chris ’s on kids

B.main why kids need to kids to try new

D.the of kids for doing

11. The of the text is to.

A. to their

B. of two on to on their

D. the ‘s about

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