family members who live apart try to get together|Family con

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A dying loved one bring but often tears them apart—an that needs to be and , says a of grief .

is as the dying ,and it hurtsfamily members who live apart try to get together|Family con, to a new from Donna .

“It’s easy for to flare up,” said , who it her years as a nurse. “I saw over their mom’s or even with the dying , and that’s ties are so that time.”

‘s of 18 that could be at in the dying , such as when big to be made about a loved one to a or out of , or over life .

Some of the U.S. 57 of as a loved one was dying and 35 as death drew near. A study 42 of had at least one the end-of-life phase. would not be any , noted; a study she’s on now out 100 of are to some .

“It’s that be aware of this , along with and and else ,” noted.

Shift from to homes

may be less as an end-of-life issue of a shift of care to homes or homes, she .

Until about 1994, most in , where -care to make the major , but as end-of-life care out of , much more .

” are even being to make their own like wills, and are part of that,” she said.

But the leads to forfamily members who live apart try to get togethercách chốt đơn trên shopee live, found.

over or end-of-life care was a big one.

“Some feel it was their job to try to keep Mom alive, while feel they had to say no on her ,” said .

Other a being aside by in the .

“That can be upset over up out of the blue to be in care or in of -. You can how that would be.”

Prior is major , she found.

“Often, there is past , or hurt among . These get in the way when a is to come . They may not have for years and so have in to go on, other than this dying , so the are high that they’ll fight than pull for the good of that .”

The dying can also the ,noted.

“Most today have never seen a dying away on alove live! the school idol movie, so it’s a shock to their loved one is going to die,” she said, that only 25 of aged 15 and older had cared for an ill in the past year. Added to that is the of end-of-life care.

“How do you care for a who cries out in pain when you turn them? How do you the need to a on a who used to be ? That adds a lot of to the .”

takes a toll in ways, she said.

may cause close to the dying to stay away .

“They won’t visit the dying it’s too hard with the rest of the ; maybe they don’t even come to the . What is worse is that they don’t get to have last with the dying .

“The dying also loses out if means they don’t get what they need, which could be care. Or they could wind up in when they could be at home dying by in their own bed.”

can also if erode ties, said.

“If the has a among or with the dying , they could , so for the main , the of care is tough. Some dying are only a few , but most are weeks or long.”

may also long-term , she added.

“They stop to each other, which means kids never get to know their , or won’t help each other.”

How can heal

it’s not easy, can try to learn from the they’ve to do next time,said.

“It’s to think about what might work in the . Or to think about what did work. Was it a over a mealfamily members who live apart try to get together, with an so has an equal to talk?”

can also in a , she added. The main they try to agree on are who will the care, where, and what is going to be done in terms of or care for the dying , she .

With 300,000 in — 9,000 due to COVID-19 that add extra —it’s to find a way , added.

” how easy it is to fight as death draws near and how it is that we deal with it so these don’t . There’s an to come and be a again, for the good of all , the dying .”

as an end-of-life issue is also for care and in and homes, .

“When they see , it’s to sit down and work out , to get that they’re being heard or even put some rules in.”

In a or ,forfamily members who live apart try to get together, that could mean out a so can avoid each other.

More :Donna M. et al. A to on the , , and of End-of-life Intra- , (2020). DOI: 10.1080/.2020.


: , study shows (2020,July 17) 10

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