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Aldi has out all the stops for its 2022 .

The has an film for its this year, Aldi Kevin the .

When the ,the are on a trip to Paris and are the .

Katiefacebook live chat for websitemixigaming live,Babyfacebook live chat for website|Aldi Christmas advert 2022: K, and are very to go on ,and it's only when they sit down on the plane they they've left Kevin !

By yourfacebook live chat for website, you are to our terms and and . You can at any time.

to Home Alone, Kevin is seen at home the World Cup 2022, when he his house is under from !

Kev lays out all sorts of traps for the ( a very rude joke…) until he's with his when they home in time for day. See for below:

Fans loved the ,with one : “This is the best I’ve seen in a long time!”

added: “' in his roots'! Very well done. @ your PR/ team are so and witty. I hate early Xmas but love this.”

What's morebahrain u23 vs kuwait u23 live, Aldi there's more to come from Kevin and his ,with the store a fan: “Keep your eyesfacebook live chat for website,more where this came from.”

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The issue of Radio Times is on sale now – now and get the next 12 for only £1. For more from the stars in TVfacebook live chat for website, to the Radio Times View From My Sofa .

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