exo as i live|[题目]Hi.boys and girls

【题目】Anger is a kind of . Many can make you angry. When your gives you too much ,when your team loses an gameexo as i live,when a your thing and then itexo as i live, you may get angry.

, your body will tell you when you are angry. For , you , your face turns red, and you may want to break or hit , but , you hide your anger. For , you may hide it in your heart. The is that if you do this,you may get a or your may hurt.

In factexo as i live|[题目]Hi.boys and girls, it’s not good to hide your anger,and it’s for you to get angry . But anger must be let out in the right wayexo as i live, or .

exo as i live

When you get angry,you can talk about it with other . It’s to talk about your anger with an adultbigo live apk, such as , a , etc. When you talk about anger,those bad can start to go away. Here are some other you can do when you start to feel angry: talk to a good ; count from 1 to 100; give a hug; go for a bike ride; think about goodexo as i live, etc.

that how you act when you are angry can make or worse. Don’t let your anger you.


exo as i live


*Your give you too much .

*Your team loses an game.

exo as i live

*A 【3】your thing and then it.

* or your face turns red.

exo as i live

*Want to break or hit .

Get a or your may hurt if you hide anger【4】

exo as i live

*Talk about it with ,such asi don’t wanna live forever mp3 zing, , etc.

*Count from 1 to 100

*Give a hug; go for a bike ride;【5】good .

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