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A young man makes a live- show of at his . [Chen /For China Daily]

The of live app users in China 325 by the end of June, to a – body.

It this to , a among young to share their lives and for short,real-time .

These users for 45.8 of all usersevents live streaming,which stood at 710events live streamingevents live streaming|325 million lured by live streaming ap, an of more than 21 from six ago, to a on by the China .

The apps are used to ,showsevents live streamingevents live streaming, games and ,to thebigo tv live, which the in China’s .

Feng , chief of Inke, a used live app in China, said more young are such “ ” with the help of .

“ than a lot of money and time on going to the ,the post-1990 in real time onin vietnam two or three or even four generations live, with show hosts and has a good time a lunch break or while at bus ,” he said.

by , the live only to take off at the start of this year. But its has put it ahead of other apps, such as food and .

A total of 106 live apps of 2.37 yuan ($350 ) last year. Tan , an at the -based , said the rise of such apps is in line with the of video in China.

“For the first time, video music as the top at the end of last year. The of video users has in the first half of this year, with 85.7 of 514 video to look at the small on their to watch ,” Tan said.

With the of live , the of has up to of the by out a to clean up and in .

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