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AS IT IS 2016-04-18 Rich Will Live 10 Years

of a bill to raise ‘s wage the state after the was by the , March 31, 2016, in , . (AP Photo/Rich )

As the issue of in an year, a new study says rich will live up to 15 years than poor ones.

A rich 40-year-old man in the can to live until about 87. A poor 40-year-old man might only live until 73.

The in of life as it to is part of a new study in the of the .

The about 1.4 tax from a 15-year in 2014. While might have that for a life,the study more data than any in the past.

is for the Party . He often talks of the gap rich and poor in the . Rich have care than poorelection results live,and that can their .

his a year ago. In hiscách nạp tiền bunny live, he said, “the issue of and is the great moral issue of our time,it is the great issue of our time and it is the great issue of our time.”

Angus wrote a about the study on the ’s . He says a study like the is it will help “tax and could be tools of and life .”

The study up the that live than poor . But it also new.

The say it is not only bad to be poor. They say it is worse to be poor in parts of the than .

Poor in likenhững nhóm nhạc hát live tệ nhất kpop, ; ,Ohio; and Garyelection results live, are worse off than poor in like San , and New York City.

,the of a state of in the city of Flint. The water for its 100election results liveelection results liveelection results live|2017年12月英语四级听力VOA慢速英语原文(二十一),000 with lead.

water with lead is to ’s , to the .

The for the of (or NAACP) is an that . It says more would have been done “if 40 of Flint were not below the line.”

The is also true. The say poor who live near rich may be they see of how to live. They also may be have .

At the same time, poor will even more in .

The of the study say they are aware of some of the with their . For , the study life at age 40. That does not fully of death that and .

They also say there is not a good way to some of the of a .

the in the gain an extra 10-15 years to enjoy their “ lives.” And there is no way to put a value on 10-15 years of good .

Words in This Story

tax – n. a tax paid on the money that a or earns

guess – v. to form an or give an about when you do not know much or about it

trail – n. a route that to go or

gap – n. a space two or

– n. an in which some have more or than other

– n. an piece that often in a or

– n. that is to be true or true but that is not known to be true

– n. a in which at the same time in a way that is not or

fund – v. to money for ()

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