do you live in a house or apartment|The ultimate guide to ca

The guide to the cost of in

is a with lots of and . While it’s true that it is a place to live in than many we still need to the that the cost of .

If you would like to live in , the cost of on your . For , if you go out with your every day and buy food, , and , the cost of will be . If you going to and and go out with your , then the cost of will be lower.

Table of

of life in

is a great place to live, with all its “hoş ” posts and “hoş ı”. But what if you are more ? What if the of so many you have never met on a daily basis to make you feel ? After all, there are more than 70 in . In fact, it is easy to find in a town with over half a . their , most in every city will or never see each other they go out of their way to do so. What if you want to take a nice walk your house the “ vakti” but can’t at least two dozen cars are down the on a basis? What if you want to talk about with but can’t who your eye seems too busy or too ?

Quality of life in Turkey

When I first came to , I was by the of this . me were and a white clear sea, the local were very and the was just ! Since then,I am in love with more and more every day. Daily tours are never – you can seedo you live in a house or apartment, , and many other ,feel the of localdo you live in a house or apartment, enjoy food, and even swim in the clear water of the sea or lake.

While here for the past , I’ve how much more there is to see and that what has me from the . The of of the and , but also the faces and . If you ask me why it is such a then my would be the time it’s hot time.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي

الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Low cost of

One of the is so is the low cost of . Many that are in other are at a of their cost in . For , this is part of the why can live such a good for cheap in . You can to live on $500 a month, or $2,000 a month, on what you want to do and how much you need to have in your life. I on the cheap! Given the in rates of the Lira, you could the low cost of if you earn in .

Low cost of living

The cost of a house in

I was in your once. I didn’t know how much it cost to rent a house in or how much an was. It was hard to out how much I in , but there is no way to get the . With rent , it’s to find out the cost of a house in .

and Bills

If we with other , we can say that bills in are cheap. For , a has to pay only $200 as rent for a . And,he also pays $0.08 per hour for . A liter of fuel costs 0.60USD while 1 liter of gas (LPG) is sold at 2-3 times lower price than in or the U.S.

Utilities and Bills

Food and

You’re used to off pizza and going out twice a week to drink with your . But you’ve moved to and don’t have an yet. How much will your daily meals set you back? And where is the best place to go if you like beef orvin live 4,but don’t want to pay the roof for it?

This is the most in for . are and even here do their for like and in !do you live in a house or apartment, other have for some but to food and are cheap in .

In , you’ll find all kinds of food that would meet every . You can have a three- meal for an of $9.


If you’ve come here for on why you move to to , or on how to in , you have found the right place! is one of the best to and the is -to-none. are fast in as the its shift away from a , with .

Residency and Healthcare

is a part of to . you’re an expat a move, in , or on . An can you and your loved one’s for , and , in the event of or – at no extra cost! A will you high and co-.

If you fall sick in and have no , you’re in for an ride. Even a can set you back $100 and $200 . But there are three types of in , each with its own and .


with taxes in can be . You’ve moved to a and the last thing you want is to spend hours legal in .

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If you’re in ,a good is to use . The buses and aredo you live in a house or apartment|The ultimate guide to ca,and the has a inter-city and .

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Using can be the way to get in . You just have to know how to use it!0007 live, buses,, metro buses, trams, , cable cars, mini buses,, and sea buses.


Taxis are also way to move the city if you’re in a hurry, , you know that it could be a bit .


, the cost of in is lower than in many other . Of , there are other to like rates, gross , and cost of , which may play a role in your as well.

Is it to live in ?

It on the you make every month and you earn money in liras or USD and most on your .

How much money do I need to live in ?

The lira is at its and the rate is to in such an . The fall of the lira is not a – and we need to take .

How much do you need to live in per month?

Yes, when you earn a over $1000, you can live on it in . If you are to rent an that is (as I did in Kadıköy—it’s than Beyoğlu or Şişli) and cooks and doesn’t go out to , then $1000 be . The good news is that the wage in is to be next year.

Is life in cheap?

As you can see, in is very . ,just like elsedo you live in a house or apartment, there is a list of that you must for .

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