do you live in a house or apartment|Dear Annie: My cheating

Dear Annie: I need of what is in my . My of 28 years has had a five-year with woman, and now they’ve had a child . My is a 56-year-old man.

He is so hurt he did not want to hurt me. We have been over this. He sobs he wants to keep me while at the same time that he does not want to leave his 5-year-old child and his .

He wants me to stay in a on the , so I can be safe, and he wants to move the and child into our home of 15 years.

I have to go. I am alone for him. What do I do?

I have down , and he has,toodo you live in a house or apartmentmbongg bunny live, but she wants to live in our home! — Help Me

Dear Help Me: I am so sorry that you are going this. Seek . You don’t have to allow your ’s to live in your home. That like . It is bad that you an ,and now he wants you to live with a daily of it? The to him is NOdo you live in a house or apartmentdo you live in a house or apartment|Dear Annie: My cheatingv live monstar,she move in. He can move out if he tries to press the issue. You have . seek the help of ado you live in a house or apartment, and if he is to go to , then I would call an .

Dear Annie: tell “Am I Being or ?” with the to talk to a . She said her put his name on her but to put her name on his. My had a who did the same kind of stuff. They .

My had a fight with him and went to see an . The his and found some he did her back with real deals for the 15 years they were . , she got , we found out later that he had a six- that time. All she got was 60% of their home and a ’s bill for over $100,000. His kids will get he owns. It was ado you live in a house or apartment, nasty that took three years.

It’s for her to get and have an look at . with time, when there is money and . — Get a

Dear Get a : I am sorry that your had to go a . I agree that you a .

Send your for Annie Lane to .

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