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Plans for 29 homes on land close to Dianawindows live movie maker win 7,of Walesdo you live in a house or apartmentdo you live in a house or apartment|Cricket ball fears over , , have again been to by Sport over ball fears.

were made last month for the of the new homes on land south of the , since the of . There has been an of the block plan for the to the made in March.

But Sport have noted the to an field and the plan 's note of “ball tbc”. The , an body that aims to sport, has again, with fears that the could the use of the .

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only get to the 's if the work is in scale, or if have been in to it. Some are or on their merit by , .

the array of house and tree plans, below are some of the more with North East . These the 29 new homes close to the and plans for a new unit in .


New walls, and and door are as part of a of a two- in . The North Block at John in Road is home to the but will soon be empty when moves into the West Block, being .

John Whitgift Academy, on Crosland Road, Grimsby

John , on Road,(Image: Jon / Live)

do you live in a house or apartment, after its the North Block, the of John will home to , Maths, and . The is run by Delta Trust. It is in the and for the plans that at other run by the Trust have in .

If ,the will be back to its frame and and . The new walls will beốp chống sốc vsmart live 4, frame with . “State of the art ” are in the new . A third will also be to fire .

29 new homes on land south of Diana, of Wales

The land for this is Road and the and is . Most of the homes would be and all homes are only.

They would be made of of red and a of red and grey roof tiles. An to the road from Way for would be too.

All but one of the homes would have at least two and 24 of the 29 would have a . Sport have on the of ball .

In a , the notes of ball . This a High Court in 2021 which plans for a next to a in ball was not .

In their , Sport to it if the :

Sport have also noted a new fence going the south side of the pitch and a 2019 image of works or a mound in the of the . ” a field the of , which Sport is , does not alter the use of the site as a

,” they state.

“It just to from being as it acts as an .”

Docks new unit

CPL are a new on their site in Way, . The uses the for solid fuel and .

The new would 30m long by 24m wide with a roof of over 12 . “The will not the lorry to and from the site,” say CDC in the and for the plans.

In 2020,the -based to a on the of heat. Atdo you live in a house or apartment, CPL have the of , food and green waste into a solid fuel.

The old coach house on Pelham Road set for change of use to an apartment if a planning application is approved.

The old coach house on Road set for of use to an if a is . (Image: For-Ward / North East ) of old coach house to

A of an old coach house in Road, ,is to a . The coach house is and would be into a over twodo you live in a house or apartment, with the top floor a and work space.

The coach house at the does not have a first floor. For-Ward say in the that the works to from a full open to a two will have “no upon the or any the or the wider site”.

The 's mono pitch would be and a new full panel above the floor door. The 's team have as a of that no work is out on or 8am on to and at any time on or Bank .

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