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is the year with one to study ,18 new starsdo you live in a house or apartment, and to 40% above 2019 . of are the loss of P-22, a lion who Park and was this month. north, the of the of Art San is only to the of the ; the will kick off the new year with “ Our Eyes,” a group show on “the and of Black women the lens of and ,” Jan. 21.

Long- and made their in San , and other in 2022. Knott’s Berry Farm is its own , while gears up to its 100th next year.

That said, here are the 10 and you don’t want to miss in 2023:

For a :

Mitchell Caverns

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If you’ve never been to these caves deep in the , you’re in for a treat: will take you deep into “one of the most and time parks” in the state. The team at this cave oasis will open a on Jan. 6,2023mcafee live safe, with five for stays on and by , to the park . You could also make a two-hour day trip from the town of Palms.

For a taste of : Tail o’ the Pup

Tail O

Tail O’ the Pup

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The Los area’s hot dog stand has made its of the 1933 Group, a brand to . You can order a hot dog at the 18-foot-long that sits right on Santa in West .

For a snow day: Hotel

Coachman Hotel


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Vogue this Lake Tahoe one of “the most new in the world,” and it will soon get even more of a . New plan to room and add food and space to the hotel, which a cozy lobby bar. It’s just one spot by a new Tahoe , Lake Link, from which you can order rides just like Uber — these ones are free.

For fans:

Minnie Mouse Disney100 Ear Headband for Adults

Mouse Ear for

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The Walt turns 100 in 2023,which means the of plus a at on Jan. 27do you live in a house or apartment, 2023. who make the trip can a new “ ” show, , and more. , the Hotel & Water this year the “House of the Retro Suite” with by the named park the 1950s and ’60s.

For a beach : Beach

Explore Hermosa Beach


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Skip the beach towns you know this and head to Beach, . While Beach and Beach may have a rap,this town is the South Bay’s best-kept for calmlive again, love again, ,-freedo you live in a house or apartmentdo you live in a house or apartment,and of shops and to .

For hard : Co.

California Seltzer Co.


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as the state’s “first ” by the Visitdo you live in a house or apartment|10 places you need to vi, this Grove a that on the hard trend with its own plus beer and wine. I haven’t been on-site, but of the patio make it look like a place to pair wood-fired pizza with like “ Lime” and “Berry Rush.”

For : The New Bar

Most is $185 for this drink in a Storm at Bay Area ” is the worst movie of for , 12/23/22 by ‘s ‘s Mr. ’s opens first San ’s Tacos in San to close after 20 are to Big Sur’s most shot

The New Bar

The New Bar

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Los got its shop in The New Bar, a where you’ll find full of booze-free beer, wine, , and more. (The first, Soft , is right on in Lake.) You’ll find a of for in-store ; take of the to get your hands on zero-proof sips just in time for Dry .

For : Pismo Beach Grove

Inn at the Cove

Inn at the Cove


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is a time to visit Pismo Beach. This in not only plays host to but also tens of of . You can walk the Pismo Beach Grove, a stop just off 1 for the , where the light can bring of wings among the of in the trees. Here’s where to stay for a visit.

For art : Light + at Palm Art

Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Art

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K. Smith III is some of the most light works you might have seen at the music or up in the high . Now, a of the ‘s “ with light and ” that was by the is on view at Palm Art . It’s an that spans two , a for to with May 7, 2023.

For a fall hike: Lundy

Lundy Canyon Trail

Lundy Trail

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Lundy Trail has the most fall I’ve ever seen. in the Inyo , it with trees that like a of gold as the dirt path winds its way and . The 6-mile route can be done in full or just in part; these start early and often, so you don’t have to wait until the big to get your fill of fall .


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