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A woman says she is “livid” after an with the (TPS) told her to “call the mayor” while an to break into her home night.

Sahar the in a video to on Dec. 6. In the video, she says a to break into her home on the prior.

@ HAS ELSE DEALT WITH THE SAME THING WHEN WITH ? PSA: IN WATCH YOUR YOUR HOME。 LAST NIGHT 8pm -9:30 pm we had an ( he also had more and him) to break into our home while we were 。 He was our home for an hour and a half for to open the gates so he and his team can and our home。 How we this? My tried to leave his home while this male to make his way our house。

The used an which was my he knows who lives here while the was signs for his team to come and 。 My feels and tells him he will call the cops。 They to leave but they come back。 KEEP YOUR DOORS AND DO NOT FALL FOR THESE 。 is not safe 。 You cant have even feel safe in your own home。 Its sad how the is。 We are the only ones that can 。

“Last night, we had an where tried to break into our home,” said. She said could be seen a home her home for an hour and a half “for to open the gates.”


“The used an — he told my he knew who lived here while signs for his team to come and ,” . “My felt and told [the ] he would call the cops.”

She saiddescribe a live sports match that you have watched, after the , her they were on their way. But, after 40 of , she said the hadn’t .

“I to call them again,” she said.

the call, said an cited as the for the delay.

“This , he told me to call the mayor, [they were] low on staff,” she said in the video. “That it was the mayor’s fault they [’t] us.”

She also said that she was a third phone call, hours after the , that no one in her home had been , the had not been as “a .”

“I have to go of my house, where the is [and] I have to let him stab [..] me [..] in order for the to come?” she asked.

-four hours after the , said had still not her home. In , she says she a in ,where she says she was again told that were the did not her home.

“I’m lividsao ke live, it’s 24 hours after the ,and did the cops even try to make an to come? Nofun live,” she said.

She says it wasn’t until mid- that her to a .

On , to ’s video with a of its own.

In the video, Const. Sean said the (TPS) had seen ’s video and is “very ,” her to reach out and to the force.

“Since I have you here, I just want to let you know that we who is with the of the to reach out to a to those ,” said in the video.

@ We saw a video here@Sahar their with the @ . We are by the in the video and them to us so we can get more . We who is with the of a of the

When for , Sayer, for TPS, told CTV News had seen the video and their .

“We’re very and have out to this with her,” Sayer said. “We don’t have to add at this time.”

When for , Blue Knox,a for the mayor’s told CTV News that “when call the – it is 911 or a non- – the only thing they is help.” At the same timedescribe a live sports match that you have watched, Knox that “[] can fall short and we know [they] take that very .”

“Mayor Tory has to the to help keep safe,” Knox said. “Over the years, when many, some City , have for the to be or , Mayor Tory has to make sure the are and will to do so,so that they can the kind of they do the vast of the time.”describe a live sports match that you have watched,says she and her haven’t been able to sleep since the .

“It’s just nerve- to think that ‘s your homedescribe a live sports match that you have watcheddescribe a live sports match that you have watched|Woman ‘li, just ⁠— you don’t know what’s next,” she said.

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