describe a city you want to live in the future|Describe a sp

a trip you would like to go on in the

you say:

where this place is

who you would like to go with

what would you do there

and why this would be a trip

I would love to go to , . It is the third city. It is in , in the of the . I did a bit of on the city, I would like to study in in the . would be an place of the .First of all, it is by many parks.well, and being is kind of my cup of tea ; there are so many I could do there.

My told me that the city is very . It is said that , in , are laid-back. I think the must be very . I would like to make some , and have a (“a , mate!”)with them on the beach or in a park. They might be able to teach me how to play too, who knows?

On top of this,from , it is easy to get to the Great Reef. It is to be a place with life. I have seen , and the water looks clear, with of blue and green. It must be !It is one of my to spend time there and go scuba .

If I could go study over there, I would be able to kill two birds with one stone. I could learn about my major and get a , and also visit one of the most in the world.

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