death a live|Influencer plunges to death in livestrea

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death a live

160ft to her death while , with the phone still in her hand while she to the .

The tower crane ,who went by thedeath a live,had more than 100death a live|Influencer plunges to death in livestrea,000 ,of her daily life and the huge crane.

death a live

to from local mediadeath a live, she was 23 years old and was the of two young .

who saw her fall to the said she had her phone in her hand while the ,at 5.40pm ondeath a live, when most of her co- had left the site.

Video being is the was as it down the crane – her have that she would have been while her .

They added that she was a at work,and kept her phone in her bag hours.

death a live

thisdeath a live,her had she fell to her death while from a shift the crane near her home in the -level city ofjav live actiondate a live ss1, in China’s .

They said that she a step and fell as a .

Her and have taken place with her ashes on a small table under an as per local .


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