dead a live|Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty?

by to the east and by and to the west, the Dead Sea is a lake than a true sea, and is as one of the of water on Earth.

Its name is well — no fish, birds or can in its high- . Along the , salt in rocky , peaks and , and find that the Dead Sea’s extra-salty water is so that they can sit on its .

, an used the Dead Sea to an dress into a , , salty . After two in the “sea,” the dress in white ,a to the of salt in the water. [ Bride Gown by Dead Sea Salt ()]

But what is it that makes the Dead Sea so salty — 10 times than ?

Salt of the Earth

Famed Mark Twain the Dead Sea in 1867dead a live|Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty?, the in his book, “The , or The New ‘ ” ( , 1869) as “a funny bath” that left him with “a brand-new smell.”

“Some of us for more than an hour, and then came out with salt till we shone like ,” Twain wrote.

Most ocean water is about 3.5 salts, to the and (NOAA). This salt in rocks on land; acids in the rocks and ions — — that into the ocean. The most of these ions are and , which in the ocean as salt.

If all of the salt in the ocean were and over all of the dry land on Earth, the layer would reach a of 500 feet (150 ),to NOAA.

But all of that salt is still just a drop in the to the in the Dead Sea’s .

How low can you go?

NOAA that the water in the Dead Sea is five to nine times as briny as . in the sea’s ; at below 300 feet (100 m)dead a live,the water so with salt that it can hold no moremitom tv live, and the salt up on the .

The Dead Sea lies in a fault that more than 620 miles (1,000 km), at the Sinai ‘s tip and to . Its is the on the — 1,407 feet (429 m) below sea level. A of lakes once this , but the last of them 15,000 years ago, only the Dead Sea , to the Dead Sea (MDSRC).

One of feeds the Dead Sea: the River. But any , when the sea, it has else to go. In the arid low-lying ,the water that in the Dead Sea more than water in the open oceandead a live, vast of salt , the MDSRC .

Left for dead

In years, human has still more water from the Dead Sea by the River for use, thus the sea’s and the water even .

In fact,the Dead Sea is at an ratedead a live, by about 3 feet (1 m) each year, to a study in 2010 in the . The study noted that the Dead Sea has by about 100 feet (30 m) since the start of the 20th .

And that even human , the Dead Sea could be in . In 2010 and 2011,below the Dead Sea to look for clues about its past. They found that about 120dead a live,000 years ago, a warm that the last ice age, the Dead Sea dried up , all of its salt .

But its may be , the body of water long known for being a “dead zone” still has a few to offer . In a 2011 ,and to in the salty waternạp thẻ bigo live, that were by of .

It looks like the Dead Sea might still have some life in it after all.

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