date a live spirit pledge global|Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

GuyG: Nice game, nice , good easy story with ,nice can be on some to fight who are from offgrand blue live action, does take a very long time to load, some are if would say those . But a game worth the look.

stan: ,the Date wasdate a live spirit pledge global|Date A Live: Spirit Pledge , which is . Story fun, but gets . Boss fight in are a fun . Some are not in , which is also ,would have even paid real money to justdate a live spirit pledge global,some of them. As many are :love live wikia, “Date” , it’s not a real DATE A Live game.

: is trash,after a while it gets . Npcs and are at best. There is no real that is fun to . Its justdate a live spirit pledge global, and after times its of . The clan are too, its just a copy and paste but with more hp and the other one is just a boss, not even it. The only thing that i find are the and even then its and to pull.

date a live spirit pledge global

dmo : is there are some . but it’s not that bad wish y’all would have added to it like PS4 ect. up the is a biggg drag to do you gotta spend all your rice or other on chips (which doesn’t give you much exp if the is over level 40) which wasn’t a big deal a few years ago we had like “date” which I don’t see but that gave you exp for the . kinda Makes it kinda

J (): ive spent more time at than the game. ive spent over a 90 mins on and still yet to play the game i dont think it will ever load. i use a and it just work. for a 3.1 gig game i . and i may check back in a few . if its i may give a but 5 for not your game

date a live spirit pledge global

Luis : The game is good but there’s a I’m right now that since they the game, the skill of my Tohka is not ,it doesn’t work and doesn’t do any at alldate a live spirit pledge global,it only shows the but the skill doesn’t even do even it said it does it her skill info. Hope you fix this since she’s my in this game.

date a live spirit pledge global

Kevin L: Devs are doing a money grab . The “” ‘t have been yet if the key were not ready. The game’s state is best as “in early .” a game Date a Live when the date doesn’t even exist yet. re- lack any story event/ that were in the and any new are just a new pass. Maybe in year they might get back on track.

date a live spirit pledge global

: good game in my . if youre a date alive fan. Im still they bring back the whole sim they were doing that was a cool for the game in my they do in the anime. I love the and . is good for a game. If youre the type of to spend alot of time on and this is a game for you. I also wish they add a bit more to the (more )

Jero : Great game. The are fun and is and . It’s a but not too much to make the game hard. My only gripe is the UI being a too and I ‘t find the Date where you could date the . a fun time on the phone.

Y D: I don’t know if this just to me but this game a lot afterdate a live spirit pledge global, like when the skill , the game . What makes it is that this often the last wave of . fix this. its a great game

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