date a live season 5|Person of Interest Season 5 Premiere Da

CBS is up for lost time where of ‘s long- fifth is . The Eye has that POI will air twice a week — and at 10/9c — in early May.

The J.J. drama will 5 on ,May 3date a live season 5date a live season 5|Person of Interest Season 5 Premiere Da, with 2 the ,May 9 (and then 3 ontao tai khoan live, May 10, and so on). The show’s is to fall on , June 21.

CBS is still not 5 POI‘s swan song, but all signs are in that . : CBS is now that POI will end at the of 5.

“My guess is [ 5] is the final ,” J.J. in at the press tour. “The only there is how much good story there was to come if it were to have .”

said “the goal” was to craft a that could serve as a ,“ can be if [there’s] a [] . But I think the idea is that this would be the .

“[] Jonah Nolan and Greg have done such an job on the showdate a live season 5,” ,“and I know what these are that they’ve donedate a live season 5,it up. We don’t yet have adate a live season 5tuoi 69 live, but I know these will see the light of day. will get to see these .”

about the ’ sad fate was first born of its , 13- order for 5. Its from CBS’ 2015-16 — and then any — only added fuel to the fire. The final nail in the show’s to come late last month when co-star Sarah Shahi the title role in CBS’ Nancy Drew drama pilot.

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