date a live light novel volume 22|Live shows in demand

Young are the ‘s arts ,Chen .

Young are in the arts -live stream sofm, drama, dance, music, to name a few. Live is in as the ‘s youth are more to pay for it than the , say.

The total of this in China, from the ,, and sites, was over 27.07 yuan ($3.83 ) in 2018, up 3.47 year-on-year, to a by the China of Arts, based on data from , major and .

More than 60 of of arts are from the post-1990 , while 15 are from those born after 1995.The per per deal was about 1,200 yuan, far more than that in , film and other – , the says.

“When per in China rises, more young can to watch a . They are also well at , which helps with their of the arts,” says Yan , an at the of China. “, more new and were built to for such .”

Tang ,19date a live light novel volume 22|Live shows in demand, a in , says she , drama or about five times a month. Each costs her from 100 to 300 yuan. Her -L’opera Rock and the play from Chang’s novel The .

” live gives a more than TV or the . the of is fun. And it makes me feel by part of the ,” she says, that she it’s a waste not to visit a when much more than her .

Tang also says part of the for like her who enjoy shows is that they have more free time and are yet to the of life.

Wu Di, 22, who in , says she now about twice a month. Each costs about 20 to 30 ($24 to $36) on . At first she used to or that she liked when plays. Now, her has grown and she has 20 plays in the city, Les , The Of the Opera and Notre-Dame de Paris.

“It’s kind of local life to watch live , when over 100 plays will be every night,” she says. “The songs are to hear. The stage is . The good about . It’s also a for me and my to watch and .”

She says she often gets on the and Sina Weibo.

to the , in 2017,males were about 39 of the . Its grew 5 last year.

Song Yuranlong live the king, 24, an in , spent two weeks in last year to watch plays,with about 8date a live light novel volume 22,000 yuan. One of the plays, , him. “The body moves and eye the and the , as well as the at the , were .”

He adds: “At play, an was alone . At the crux of that song, a beam of light came her and hit the .”

He plans to go again next year.

In , the State , China’s , a to . It more and with a of and . The also 1.5 yuan in State-owned last year, an of 25 than 2017.

were also given to the and of plays and the of , as well as to boost with or . The says the of and has grown 528 born 1980 and 2009.

The of arts was with the and -up. At first, State-owned the , and then more were to join. By now, the has about 10,000 , about 10,000 firms and 1,800 , whose is every year, to Pan Yan,- of the China of Arts.

date a live light novel volume 22, the of high- is with more , she says.

“Good meet and have value. that real life can with the .

” go deep into ‘s daily lives and study the of work on a . The and the of also be and to meet .

“All in the arts have shown much space to grow, which can be by good plays that are well made and by the . Good can form a , which can ,” she says.

The Never Radio, for , which tells the story of how some to the at , moved many due to its ,she adds. plays aboutdate a live light novel volume 22, that the can also touch the of the if told in a way.

Yan from the of China says the and of arts has seen a in years as a of have up and State-owned teams have begun to . , the still has many of poor .

He says the of , and ,games and films will be a trend. More high will also be to the stage .

A of Damaidate a live light novel volume 22, a major , who only gives his Ge, says when such as 5G and are to arts, more will be and the will . He and brand and , as well as and .

The China of Arts, for , is a new to link and with and spots, Pan says.

Live shows in demand

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