date a live facebook|2023 Toyota Prius Debuts Today: See The

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: The is over and the new Prius is here!

You can read all about it in our 2023 Prius debut posts for the and , below.

2023 Prius :

2023 Prius In US With AWD, 57 MPG

2023 Prius In As PHEV With 220 HP

has had a busy 2022 and its last major debut of the year is a new Prius. The once has been in the last few days,it’ll have a new . From what we have seen so fardate a live facebook|2023 Toyota Prius Debuts Today: See The, the will take after the new Crown, but with a to lower the drag for .

has an part in the ,and the fifth- Prius will be no . It’s the will come along with a to a . Logic tells us it’ll use an of the TNGA that in 2015 with the model. Once againdate a live facebook, there be Prius Prime with a plug-in .

2023 Prius


An and a shape to even for the 2023 Prius to the model. In its ,the car 58 mpg city / 53 mpg / 56 mpg . As for the Prime PHEVtfboys live, it has an EPA of 133 MPGe and will do 25 miles any .

has its in times and the Prius has out of favor in the /SUV era. It still a place in the ‘s ever- , and it looks as the next-gen car could be the so far. That for the that was on ‘s lips in the 2000s and the early 2010s.

See The :

2023 Prius Shows Rear Light Bar In New Image

2023 Prius Ahead Of Next Week’s

The from Japan will start at 1:30 PM JST on 16. That works out to 11:30 PM ET today,15date a live facebook,or4:30 AM GMTdate a live facebookdate a live facebooklive là gì, 16. its debut, the next-gen Prius is to go on sale next year as a in the . We get our first to see it in the metal later this week at the Los Auto Show.

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