date a live 4 animevietsub|Japanese man arrested over murder

TOKYO,April 14 () — in Chibadate a live 4 animevietsub, close to Tokyo, on the head of a ‘ on of the body of a girl last month.

, 46, for the body of Le Thi Nhat Linh, a 9-year-old girl who was in the third-grade of in City in Chiba.

Thi Nhat Linh’s body was found in a area near a in Abiko, also in Chiba,on the of March 26date a live 4 animevietsub, have said.

also said that , who was at the girl’s ,has not to about thedate a live 4 animevietsubanh sex bigo live, but his DNA that found in taken form the area where the girl’s body was found.

date a live 4 animevietsub

, who works for a real , is the head of the ‘ at the girl’s and a of a group that helps get to .

to local he is one of a of who take turns on the roads to the are kept safe on their way to .

was from his on the the girl went ,the local board said.

Linh went after she left home for herxembd .live,just 600 from her homedate a live 4 animevietsub|Japanese man arrested over murder, on March 24.

Her body was two days later 10 km from her , to local .

she was soon after her home and was in the field after being at .

Her bag and some were found close to the Tone River which lies about 20 km from where her body was found.

Linh had been with her and her in since Dec. 2015. Prior to that she had lived in in .

After the came to light, , in his role as head of the ‘ group,had been to help Linh’s go back todate a live 4 animevietsub, local said.

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