crow live|Soundstage: Sheryl Crow Live [Blu

I only a “mild” fan of Crow so take this for what it’s worth.

My when I this for the first time was that it was to “setup” for DVD (I know,I knowcrow live, it was)。 And, with all due to the in this video, they did not give off the I would some of the more tunes。 It kind of seems like these were and of the and not real fan’s。 Now, the I point this out is that it,to medate a live ss3 tap 1, from the “” feel。 I guess I have this as it isn’t as true “”,is it。

After a few more spins the other is her 。 I know all these have their viewscrow live|Soundstage: Sheryl Crow Live [Blu, but I can’t stand when they feel the need to tell us or rant to us about them a 。 We spend our money on her music, not her views and watch/ to the music to kind of step away from life if only for a short while。 There is a time and a place,and on a DVD I paid forcrow live, this place is not。 Sorry ,this has me from a “mild” fancrow livecrow live, to not a fan。 Audio and video are good (aside from the shots) as are most of the tunes which is why I give this a 3 not a 2。

A if I may,and if you don’t have itchina live show, try C’mon 2003 . I think I would have liked it , now I’ll never know if it’s on my buck .


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