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,Ariz. (KPHO/KTVK) — and Ryan love in . What they don’t love are all the found their . A few years agocreate live stream to facebook,their son was stung by atime to live là gì, then to the room. “I look at my child,and he’screate live stream to facebook, and he’s got and stuff out of his mouth,” said . “He looks like he’s a .”

create live stream to facebook, made a full , but since then, the has been for ways to keep the pests away from the kids. “It’s like this is the devil bug,” said Ryan. “We need to out how do we keep these out of our house?”

Two dads think they’ve found the . Aaron and Tony have a Slick . It’s a that a slick that can’t get on when to woodfox life live, , or brick. “It’s just a paint ,” said Tony. “It goes on the of your home, and it dries like glass, which is what we want. If you have and other , like or , they can’t get their claws into that ,so they can’t climb up.”

VIDEO IN THE BELOW – 4 types of found in our

SCARY! 4 Types of the

create live stream to facebook

The ’ are their as an to and other pest . They gave a quick with a brick with Slick and a tank full of . None of the up the brick. “I saw one of them in one of our and sinkscreate live stream to facebook|Arizona dads create new produ, and they didn’t climb out,” said Aaron. “I just tocreate live stream to facebook, if I could that same my house, at least I could keep them out.”

create live stream to facebook

They’re so in what they’ve they’ll be for when they on the show Shark Tank, which airs this . The were among the first and are with the so far. “I do know we had the on, we found in the house,” said . “I think it’s been very for us.”

create live stream to facebook

VIDEO IN THE BELOW – 7 to keep you safe

! 7 to keep you safe

Slick is being sold in kits for $100. In , a Shark Tank of 50% is now being . For more visit .


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