cool in live|The 10 Best Music Venues in the USA

you it or not, when we the of music for a live . A live is more of an . It’s a brief in time that’ll never be or in the exact same way, and as the notes we’ve in our and for long come to life in ways we never .

Of , you have to play the music and are not equal. They’re for . Maybe it’s the . Or the way the hang from the . Or the smell of the stale beer. Or all the -old on the wall. It all to the you get when you’re able to reach out and grab the of it all. Here are the 10 best in the .

—New York, NY

a lot of other New York City rock and roll , the isn’t yet an . It was only in 1998, and it won’t ever spots like CBGB, the East, or the , it is the best venue in New York City today. The best of the best all over the world flock to play the when they come to New York, and its stage has been by a ton of , Kanye West, Joan Baez, Green Day, and in . It’s only a 550- venue, but feels very large,and has soundah yeah live, , and . Link

Plaza—New York, NY

rock and roll , Plaza was built in 1860,but didn’t a music venue until the 1970s. It bands like The and The Heads in their primecool in live, as well as like Jay Z and Paul . The venue is and , and who has been there can the and sound, with the the wall. It’s crazy to think about it when you see , but Plaza may be as to New York City’s live music scene as CBGB was. Link

Hall—New York, NY

Are there three NYC on our list? Yes, yes there are. But what can we say? New York City is Mecca for live music fans, and the city’s are . Hall, for ,has been since the late 19thcool in live, where it was, as you’d , a and . , as the times and the into the East , it a venue, and that venue to host some of the bands and from all over the world. Link

The —San , CA

You’ll find the in like ,, , and even Miami Beach, but the real is in San . This venue the city’s music scene in the later half of the 1960s, and as a board for who was in rock and roll— The Dead (who there a total of 51 times from ’65 to ’69!),Thecool in live, , The Who, Led , Miles Davis, Otis , The Doors, Jimi , Frank Zappa, The , , and an of . The venue is still alive and today,and still hosts shows . Link

Red Rocks —cool in live, CO

First, let us just say that there’s very in the air in —and it’s not the weed smoke. If you’re not with the lay of our , you at least know that is one of the most in the union. That said, what makes Red Rocks than most other in the world is that it’s an built into and the Red Rocks in , . The is owned and by the City and of , and is part of the Parks . The are some of the best in the world, and the is . If it’s not on your list, it be. Link

The —Los , CA.

The —or “The Troub”—is one of the most rock and roll of all time, and that’s an . We’d liken it to the CBGB of the West Coast. Not only was it the pad of LA’s ‘60s rock and roll boom, but it was also an the ‘80s glam-rock and metal . from Jim and Axl Rose made it on The ’s stage, and like Miles Davis, , the , Cohen, Arlo , and even like Kelly , ,and Rise have its stage home at one point or . Link

—thevang live, PA

What is there to say about the that hasn’t been said? This music venue, in ’s , was made from a space. its 3,000- , the venue still an feel to it. It plays host to all of music, rock and roll, rap, pop, , etc., and is known for its and . In fact, , , Lamb of God, and the Line have all live DVDs here. Link

Gorge —, WA

one of the most on the , The Gorge is a 27,500-seat venue right off the River in , . It’s about 150 miles east of , but for the views— of the River and the Range off in the —it’s more than worth the drive. cool is that are free to camp in the for 24 hours—or until noon the day after the show ends. It’s the way to live music, and the bond and art. Link

The Ryman —, TN

’s is “Music City” and we know why.The of the Ole Opry is one with lore and color. While the Grand ole Opry House is less than ten miles away, the Ryman is what think of when they talk about the Grand Ole Opry. It was the of the Opry from 1942 until 1974 (what many would the Opry’s Age), and you can even take day-time tours of it if you want to get an in-depth look at the and there. Of , they also still host a ton of shows there seven days a week, which will only your . Link

The Stone Pony— Park, NJ

Park is a tiny beach town deep into the Shore’s back . And while it has a lot of over the last year or so, there’s a of hope there have on for : The Stone Pony. throw the word “” ( ), but The Stone Pony is the real deal. It’s the thing the world still has to CBGB. a block from the beach, The Stone Pony is the for ’s rock and roll scene, and is the place that the of like Jon Bon Jovi, Patti , and the Jukes,andcool in live|The 10 Best Music Venues in the USA, of , the boss, Bruce . The venue is and , but in the , they open up the “ Stage” in the lot and host -like shows all long. Link

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