china app live stream show|Living the Stream: Live

Live- is when an or live video and audio of an event over the . It’s a that’s a new in China and it’s at a rate. Half of China’s 700 users have tried live- apps and the is to be worth USD $14BN by 2019. Both and are now it to on an new level.

have live- into a by using a new where send them 「 gifts」 that can be for real money. , such as and ,are a novel and fun way to with a . As achina app live stream show, they are ,and the top live- stars earn a $100china app live stream show,000 per month.

There are many ways for to on live- and,in Chinachina app live stream showchina app live stream show|Living the Stream: Live,live- is used as a tool the e- to brand and drive sales. Forchina app live stream showasianbookie live chatwanna one v live, a paid could a in a live to its and .

of the also live- and demos of or tips and . This is a tool in the where and are so that a ’s can be the most when .

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