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By Xin (China Daily)

: 2007-09-04 07:39

chicken live

If you fancy ” life”, ” and wife’s lung slice” or even “bean curd made by a pock- woman” then you will have to look .

” “, “pork lungs in chili sauce” and “stir-fried tofu in hot sauce” are the of at some ,to an to help menus.

chicken livechicken live|’Chicken without sexual life’ off menu i,odd of food up in the ‘s are food for .

Theđiện thoại vsmart live 4,and thechicken livechicken live, is about to all that.

The is part of ‘s ‘s for the Games next year, when at least 500,000 are to visit.

March 2006, the a of and from 3-star rated and large . A draft list was put at the end of last year .

, a draft added more than 400 at in ‘s and , where like to .

The draft has been since last ,at and

The draft is to be inchicken live, said an with the ,by the News.

The final will be and “” to .

will not be by the to use the11met live, the an as .

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