camera live stream cho laptop|Livestream helps reboot Hubei

Li Jiaqi (left) shows from Hubei the , on March 26, 2020. [Photo to China Daily]

Li Jiaqi held a show on from Hubei to help the ‘s and from of being down.

the show beef and hot dry -of which 160,000 boxes were sold the .

More than 13.5 tuned in to the show,which two and a half hours.

“This is to and in Hubei tolive viet nam vs,” said Li, who first made his name on and has over half a fans on major and apps.

As an base in the , Hubei is known for rice, oils, , fruit, tea and .

,the of its has been due to the of COVID-19.

Hubei on that it will Wuhan’s to areas the city on April 8. It in other parts of the on .

With the undercamera live stream cho laptop, many in Hubei have begun to be sold and .

As the main for - for half of the ‘s -Hubei is from an of .9

Li Jiaqi (left) holds a show on from Hubei to help the ‘s and from of being down. [Photo to ]

many , the in Hubei has been sold to more than 360 the , and the daily sales 710 tons on , to the from the Hubei .

“About 65 of have in the in , with more than 1,500 to work as of ,” said Zhangcamera live stream cho laptop, of the in , Hubei , a major base.

to Zhang,58 lines have beencamera live stream cho laptop, to , , and and ,and 5camera live stream cho laptop|Livestream helps reboot Hubei,511 tons of have been the .

E- such as ,and have also sales and for in Hubei for free.

About 1nia date a live,019 tons of local were sold the e- from March 17 to 22.

camera live stream cho laptop, China Tea more than 800 tons of tea from Hubei .

Food and were also in the , , which runs over 2,400 the and is to from Hubei.

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