cách dùng live text ios 15|Apple Live Photo file format

Here’s the . , here’s the text:


Live is a new of iOS 9 that users to and their with than . When the user the , the app much more along with the photo,audio and and after the photo. When thesebungou stray dogs live action,users can with them and play back all thecách dùng live text ios 15, the come to life.

iOS 9.1 APIs that allow apps to of Live ,as well as the data for . There is new in the to fetch a from thecách dùng live text ios 15, which is used to all the data that a Live Photo. You can use a ( in the ) to the of a Live Photo. The view takes care of the image, all user ,and the to play back the .

You can also use to the data of a for . You can a for an asset in the user’s photo by using or ler. If you have acách dùng live text ios 15|Apple Live Photo file formatlive stream khoả thân,you can also get by using . On the side of a sharecách dùng live text ios 15, you can a from the set of files by the .

for Live

It’s to that a Live Photo is still a photo. If you have to a Live Photo in an that doesn’t , it’s that you it as a photo.

Don’t the extra and audio of a Live Photo . It’s that the of the Live Photo be in a way that uses the same and model in all apps.

It’s that you a photo as a Live Photo by the badge by the class : in the top-left of the photo.

Note that there is no for the that users as they swipe in the app.

for Live

The data of a Live Photo is as a set of files in a . The set of files must be as a unit when you them to a . When you a with these files on the side, the files are ; fails if the files don’t come from the same asset.

If your app lets users apply or to a photo it,be sure to apply the same to all of the Live Photo.cách dùng live text ios 15, if you don’t the of a Live Photo, share it as a photo and show an to the user.

If your app has UI for to share, you let users play back the so they know what they are .When to share in your app, users also be able to turn a Live Photo off, so they can post it as a photo.

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