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Lots oftao quan 2018 live, but

I use this app to to WFAN’s talk 。 I could on the radio, but my makes it more to via 。 I have two main : 1) is ,like Neer’s andbunny live show hang, on the app。 If I use the in the app to “ Neer” or “Neer” comes up。 So , I have to , put in “ Neer” and thru to find a link that will bring me to his ,via an Apple link。

This worksbunny live show hang, but not , and it’s 。 2 is more : the app or drops out, at ,and if I try to abunny live show hang, the app often takes me to the live , and it’s to go back to find my place。 For , I was to Neer this , and I tried to hit the “ 15 ”’, and it took me to the live 。 I have NO to ads – I know the app needs to get 。

So let us to the ads! ,when I get to the adsbunny live show hangbunny live show hang|Audacy: Live Radio & Podcasts, the app or half of the time。 Fix these and it goes to 5 stars; as is, it’s too to rate than 2 stars。



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