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The NFL’s Black was more of a light gray this year, with only two head after the ‘s . When you add in the , the of sits at an low five.

Which gig is most ? Below,wethe terror live,teamblack live matter, and even off-field to rank all five from least to most for .




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When the for , they him as the face of the for years to come. But after a 2022 , the ‘s is off many . Of , some will they can fix . He isn’t a lost cause, but it’s close, and the of fans is at point. A new coach is also tied to for at least two more – an in the NFL. The ‘ next hire might not even get a to bring in their own being axed. To make worse, the trade for left with draft or cap space with which to the him.

It’s not all bad for the . They have the best – in the NFL in and ,the well in 2022 – how often it was let down by the ‘s worst- – and the new ready to use its to the team it can.

But none of that will if can’t at least play again. If he does to formmu vs newcastle live streaming, could have the best -back of all the teams for a new head coach. But if it were us, we ‘t be to take that risk.




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Will the ‘ new , ex- of Monti , hire the next coach? Or will Kyler ? way, there’s no doubt that the right for the $230- will trump all other .

Kliff ‘s Air Raid was to bring out the best in . The cut ties with their 2018 first-round pick, Josh Rosen, after only one to what they was a match made in . It to be but, with and his young heads and ‘s on-field as the . The gave both and long-term in 2022, but would love a do-over on one, if not both, of these pacts.

the right for will be , as will a match. If of ‘s are true, it’ll be a act for to earn his trust while much more out of him.




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The of a can be on how you look at it – and the are the . On one hand, you can view them as a by – who’ve fired in back-to-back years. But ,and it turns into a blank ready to be made in a new coach’s image. We lean much more the . The NFL is built to help teams turn – just look at the and Lions this year. If a new coach came in with power to know their place was for years ( at youblack live matterblack live matter, Sean ), could that ,with its any teams.

Ofblack live matter|Which of the NFL's 2023 head coachi, the ‘ level isn’t close to those two clubs. The is bare, in fact, with the last three draft to any . Their only All-Pro-level is , and it he wants a new deal soon. That lack of is the most off- of the job. But they have the level of draft-pick to kick-start their and land the kind of game- that have the Lions and . also has the -most cap space, as well as a bunch of deals to push that even . Most , the are in place to take, at worst, the -rated in the draft. It might take more to see the ‘ , but the for the job.

2. Colts



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Less than a year ago, for a run to a that many to be among the most well- in the NFL. Oh, how can . The Colts to a 4-12-1 , fired Frank Reich the , and by in Jeff as the coach. While Jim Irsay has been a owner, his has been his to hand over to his and coach. But have Irsay to get too . He the Wentz trade, told Reich to bench Matt Ryan at 3-5-1,and asked to come on board in the of the Colts’ loss to the New .

The Colts aren’tblack live matter, with All-Pro on each side of the ball. But ‘s , and it may be some time it can be set back on track for the NFL. , needs the Colts to show life in 2023 if he’s to keep his job, for any head coach. also has but to take his shot on a . A new coach who doesn’t any of the No. 4 pick (or a trade-up) won’t find that .




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years, it’s to see one of these as far and away the most job. The top our list by . There’s not a ton to love here, but there’s also very to scare away. If the are on in a big fish, they have the means to do it. Owner David , one of the on the , has made it clear he’s to write some hefty .

The block here – maybe the only block – is the lack of an top . like Sam and Baker , but not for the to find with a draft pick in range of the top . A big trade up from No. 9 might be . But won’t be able to that move with his – it’d take a pile of draft picks and limit this ‘s long-term .

In the end, the ‘ here might be by which can sell on his to the . Can Lamar be ? Aaron ? Tom Brady? With money as no , can aim very high.

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