black live matter|‘That Was Painful to Watch’: Nelly’s Aus

Nelly fans are after the at a show in , , on Jan. 17. The was in town for the 2023 Juicy Fest,and fans are if the was on the juice after his .

of Nelly went viral on and hisblack live matter, and the to be under the of… . Nelly to be happy and extra-wide his . The also his head in a as he sang, many fans to if he was OK.

Nelly Australia

Nelly in , , on Tues. Jan. 17. (Photo: @ / )

fans had jokes about Nelly’s . One fan joked that Nelly like Tracy to be Nelly.

“That boy ,” wrote one fan. “ he on was his ass. Nelly like Tracy like Nelly.”

“What drug is Nelly on? Percs do this? I’mblack live matter,” fan.

fan , “I’ll have what Nelly is .”

“Nelly was def on last night coz his eyes were for their life,” noted one fan. “His crew have told him to keep his on. #.”

“ what is nelly doing??? ,” fan. “Nelly is on ,” . “Nelly was HIGH AS EGGS at that in lmao every video I see if his gets andblack live matter|‘That Was Painful to Watch’: Nelly’s Aus,” added .

What drug is Nelly on? Percs do this? I’m /

— thee girl‍♀️ (@) 16áp live show,2023

Fans also on Nelly’s eyes as he was on stage. “His eyes back to 2003black live matter,” wrote one user. “Wowblack live matter,” fan . “Those eyes are !”

fans also what kind of drug Nelly may be on in the video. “LSD?” fan askedlmht live, “Has he been juice in?” One fan even to think the was a . “He looks ,” added one fan. “ the molly be .”

Nelly’s next is on Jan. 20 in Perth, . Ne-Yo and Ja Rule are also to .

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