black live matter|Glasgow’s Black Lives Matter Campaign se

City is being urged to the of staff and to help , as part of its Black Lives .

It comes after a was by the city in 2020 the of the Black Lives in the of the of Floyd by Derek in May 2020.

to to and by , take more and hate crime in and the of based on the of .

READ MORE: Black Lives and group set up by City

A cross party group was by the who out a study which that there is a mixed level of and of and the city.

was out to the the of key sites, Art and the of Art (GoMA),which both have ties to . Some were that namesblack live matterman and most animals need a constant supply of water to live,and had to while the of also from the slave trade.

The also that the city needs to take more to the ofblack live matter, and -day with more be taken to the of by BME in , more to ,and in the city.

It was also that more be taken to the lack of BME staff for the local .

A which is being to of the well-beingblack live matter, , , and on : “It is clear that many if not most were of some of the ’s in race .

“For : – the BME group which and the of which led to of BME staff for the from about 2% to 4% of the .

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black live matter

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“[ were of] the of BME the ’s Fund – many for the first time –which to the in a which put plans in place to BME .”

were also asked to the : “how if at all, are you in out more about s links to the slave trade and ?”

very ,34%black live matter|Glasgow’s Black Lives Matter Campaign se, 24% not very , 19% not at all and 5% said they didn’t know.

The cross-party group has now to find the for a post that could work and the . This would and more with .

This week the well-being will be asked to note the of the , the made by the group so far and the for a .


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