best cities to live in the world|68% of the world population

68% of the world to live in urban areas by 2050best cities to live in the world, says UN16 May 2018, New York

Today, 55% of the world’s lives in urban areas, a that is to to 68% by 2050. show that , the shift in of the human from rural to urban areas, with the of the world’s could add 2.5 to urban areas by 2050, with close to 90% of this place in Asia and , to a new data set today.

The 2018 of World by the of the UN of and (UN DESA) notes that in the size of the world’s urban are to be in just a few . , India, China and will for 35% of the of the world’s urban 2018 and 2050. By 2050, it is that India will have added 416 urban , China 255 and 189 .

The urban of the world has grown from 751 in 1950 to 4.2 in 2018. Asia,its lower level ofbest cities to live in the world,is home to 54% of the world’s urbanbest cities to live in the world|68% of the world population, by and with 13% each.

Today, the most (with 82% of its in urban areas in 2018), Latin and the (81%), (74%) and (68%). The level of in Asia is now 50%. In , rural, with 43% of its in urban areas.

in some and in rural areas

Some have in years. Most of these are in the low- of Asia and where sizes are or . and have also to in some .

A few in Japan and the of Korea (for ,and Busan) have 2000 and 2018. in ofbest cities to live in the world, such as , , the and , have lost since 2000 as well. In to low , has to the lower size in some of these . , fewer are to see their from today until 2030, to what has the last two .

The rural of the world has grown since 1950 and is to reach its peak in a few years. The rural is now close to 3.4 and is to rise and then to 3.1 by 2050. and Asia are home to 90% of the world’s rural in 2018. India has the rural (893 ), by China ().

and mega

Tokyo is the world’s city with an of 37 ,by New Delhi with 29tải phần mềm live streamacsm live stream, with 26 , and City and São Paulo, each with 22 . Today, Cairo, , and Dhaka all have close to 20 . By 2020, Tokyo’s is to begin to , while Delhi is to and to the most city in the world 2028.

By 2030, the world is to have 43 with more than 10 ,most of them in .best cities to live in the world, some of the – urban are with fewer than 1 , many of them in Asia and . While one in eight live in 33 , close to half of the world’s urban in much with fewer than 500,000 .

is key to

the key in to over the years is to the of the 2030 for , to forge a new of urban .

As the world to , on the of urban , in low- and lower– where the pace of is to be the . Many will face in the needs of their urban , for , , and other , as well as for and basic such as and care. to the lives of both urban and rural are , while the urban and rural areas, on their , and ties.

To that the of are fully and , to urban need to to and for all, on the needs of the urban poor and other for , , care, work and a safe .

About the data set

The 2018 of the World is by the of the of and (UN DESA). It has been since 1988 with and of the urban and rural for all of the world, and of their major urban .

Photo: /World Bank

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