beheading murder live gore|Man admits beheading Fairview Par

, Ohio – A man who a woman 200 times with a sushi knife he her last has been to life in .

Liang, 34,to and gross abuse of a in the July 27beheading murder live gore|Man admits beheading Fairview Par, 2017 death of Chen,33. Pleas Court Judge David Matia him life in with his first at after 25 years.

The plea came the Liang was set to begin trial for and seven other .

The hasbeheading murder live gore, , Liang’s and Matia, who spent in court on of the case in an to a he “ to make sense of.”

“This is a crime that the when it and will to all of those who look at its ,” Matia said.

Liang, a who is in the U.S. on a green card, will face after he his .

Liang to , but found few in the where he ,hisbeheading murder live gore, said. Liang had a low IQ, was and to fit in, said.

He found a in Chen, who also was a . She lived with her in Park, but had of to San . Liang Chen’s , and of her to the Bay Area.

“It there may have been some kind of love ,” said.

But saidbeheading murder live gore, who both Chen’s and Liang’s after her death, up no that the two were .

Liang’s , it , were .

“We the did him, but there was more,” said. “The more.”

Liang that Chen him to her unit in the on Road near Road the night of her death, and to give him a . It’s what the , but at some point Liang a sushi knife from the and Chen.

He her of times, then put down the sushi knife and the meat that he used to her, said.

“That takes a lot of force, and a lot of ,” said. “A lot of rage, and a lot of .”

Liang spent about 20 Chen’s life, said.

Liang then Chen’s and him that he had just her, and left the , said..

He went to a , where he to the and asked to take his life,said.

The crime scene upon was . Blood was about roomsdate a live ss1trinh dinh quang live, them to Liang Chen the house as he her.

Liang later told that he had of her into a and began to hear , so he her. , Liang’s of , said there was more to the two’s .

Liang said he Chen’s food, gave her money, paid for a party and her a ring, said, and fully that the two would go to San , Chen’s .

“I’m not the this there’s never any kind of that could in this type of ,” said.

He added that the crime was a of “, and poor .”

filed a last week Matia to give him to a by of plea. who Liang he from but could not agree as to the of his at the time he out the crime.

Matia had yet to rule on that when Liang to plead .

“I’m not sure that I will ever fully the here,if there even was onebeheading murder live gore,” Matia said.

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