baby komodo dragons will live|the brand new komodo dragon mo

this mod adds in the game which spawn in :


they spawn or with

are to and but wont other mobs until they them

when will drop 0-3 hide

are as mobs that means that they wont let you lead them and they will in


is than . you need some raw beef in order to bread them

right click with you beef to bread them but you only need one for . most of the time will

just eat the beef.but there 0baby komodo dragons will live.3 of that will spawn one. there are no in beta 2.1baby komodo dragons will live.1

but in 2baby komodo dragons will live.1.2 and newer baby are added(this is added in beta 2.1baby komodo dragons will live|the brand new komodo dragon mo.1)

this is buggy at mode



they wont spawn

in order to get them you need to bread aapp swag live

baby are as that means that you can lead them and wont at

baby cant grow they own self you need to feed them some raw beef to grow

this is added in v2.1.2



can be used to armor



this armor has the same armor value as armorbaby komodo dragons will live. can be using hide

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–g88 live

fill free to mod packs and for this mod


so I can know how feel about this mod

also what you want me to add


curse forge link

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