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So, about that : The Last …

Back in , it was that the of ’s : The Last were up with for a live- . To give you an idea of just how much has since then in the fast- world of pop , Venom and A Star Is Born had yet to in and we were all still to make heads or tails of The . But of air, earth,fire and water not fear; there have been few since that firstavatar the last airbender live action, we do know the is still .

In an to keep you on the – big- ,here are all the we have so far.

to ’s



on the of the ’s story are few and farlive show tran thanh binh tinh song, but it is that the live- take will to the arc of the .

The into a world into four : the Fire , Air , Water and Earth . Among each group, a few known as “” the to their ’s a mix of arts and . Among them one of all four: the . In the , Aang and his to save the world by the evil Fire Lord and the war the Fire is .

: The Last only ran for 61 , the show—along with its ,The of Korra—are held on a high among fans and alike.

“We’re for the to helm this live- of : The Lastavatar the last airbender live action,” and Bryan said at the time of the ’s . They later added: “It’s a once-in-a- to build upon ’s great work on the and go even into the , story,and world-. is to our for thisavatar the last airbender live action, and we’re to be with them.”

And don’t worry, folks. The live- TV to the 2010 film .

Me and @ are up for a new of that the most of the week. First up: 5 new shows @ hopes will the next #. @ /

— Katz (@) July 12, 2019

Cast and Crew

The is still very much in the early of pre-, so no are yet. But the are a wide net to a and group of .

“We can’t wait to Aang’s world as as we it to be, and with a , non- cast,” and were also as . The pair will serve as and . is also for the new .

“We’re about it. seems on-board and ,” said this year. “I think they’re to it right. It feels nice to have that .”

, head Aaron Ehasz isn’t as he’s on his own , The . Still, he about the show’s .

“I know,they have a big aheadavatar the last airbender live action,” Ehasz toldứng dụng live show china, “but they have more , more ,and a to tell the story in a way that I think the fans of will enjoy.”

Dan Lin will be his Lin . His The Lego Movieavatar the last airbender live action|What’s Happening With , Jr.’s , and the It . Date

10/27:The Last begin in 2020.

, this live- of The Last does not yet have an order or date. , we can based on ’s track that the first will of eight and 13 . The an eight- order; The runs nine per ; and live- such as the or House of Cards ran for 13 a pop.

As the is still deep into pre-, it’s going to be some time until the hit . on how long takes, we won’t be the show until mid-2020.

What’s Happening With Netflix’s Live-Action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Remake?

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