avatar the last airbender live action|Avatar: The Last Airbe

A live- based on ’s : The Last in atavatar the last airbender live action, the .

The show will be “,” to . and Bryan are on to and run the ,with to start in 2019. to a tweet from See What’s Next is a piece of art by John Staub; it the giant sky bison Appa with a tiny human we can only is Aangcách bẻ khóa phòng bunny live, our hero.

A of that art first on Bryan ’s blog in July. He to it then as “a very old from ,one of the I did for the .” It’s that this to be a take on that piece — a to this at least to honor its roots.

A drawing of Aang and Appa from Avatar.

’s .Bryan via

The new falls in line with other plans fromavatar the last airbender live action, which owns and MTV. The late-night Aeon Flux, which aired on MTV in the mid-’90s,is a live- as wellavatar the last airbender live action,while Daria will with a new take on the .

Fans have a good to be about the words “live-” and “” . a film by M. Night in in 2010. The live- was … not good. Here’s foravatar the last airbender live action|Avatar: The Last Airbe,it sure like the team is aware of the film’savatar the last airbender live actionfb188 live, based on this quote from and in ’s :

We’re for the to helm this live- of : The Last . We can’t wait to Aang’s world as as we it to be, and with a , non- cast. It’s a once-in-a- to build upon ’s great work on the and go even into the , story, , and world-.

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