asian games 2018 live|GroupM Publishes 'This Year

asian games 2018 live

China its 2018 of This Year, Next Year: China Media today,4.3% in total ad in 2017. While the rate of in ad isasian games 2018 live, the the main of in total.

The that total ad in the will reach .8 in 2018, with to 5.2%. This is due to in terms of and , with in the of China’s and a in the , all of which will in ad . key is that 2018 is a big year for , of to TV and a flow back live .

This Year, Next Year: China Media is part of ’s media and and uses data from its , WPP, , , and . The in-depth of in share and for types of media.

asian games 2018 live

TV will see a fall in , with and and an in brand in shows and . In 2018, the Games in ,FIFA World Cup in and Asian Games in will a shot in the arm for TV mediaasian games 2018 live|GroupM Publishes 'This Year, while the of e- will new for . OTT TV is the of even more and and a new area of in the big- .

is to grow at the rate of 13.5% in 2018, with e- for the of this . In 2017, in the of soft , and . Laws and to deal with the have been in quick , while news feed ads and “self-media” may also be faced with , with the that the and will need to to and while with the laws, rules and .

The out-of-home to its such as , reach, and low ,and ad for this is to high at 9.2%. by in big datachina live stream,new and the of (IoT)asian games 2018 live, OOH can now be into a of “”, which could into point of entry to the IoT era, the value of and cross- , which will aid the of for .

Radio media after a wave of by the of radio and car . in AI and the of (IoV) are for in radio media. and are their core , new , and into the .

Rycan Di, Chief at China, , “The media is and ,isapp live sexy, and are also to and such as and in of and . , has been by an to a grasp of media usage and the that are most for .”

Xu, CEO of China and WPP China, , “ are into play in many in China, and as place on of life and brand , the and of brand is also and will be a of in the . , the trend the whole is to the of ,inasian games 2018 liveasian games 2018 live, and in , as well as to the of all .”

asian games 2018 live

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