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Marie the her mom, , in June 2022

Lisa Marie , the only of Elvis and , has died at age 54. TMZ first that the – had and was to a Los on the of 12, 2023. That , the “ news” of Lisa Marie’s death in a media , her “the most ,and woman I have ever known.”

Lisa Marie had been by and in yearsare you going to see the live show, her son ’s death by in July 2020 at her home in , . Days after his death, her mom wrote on , “These are some of the days of my ’s life.”

But one thing that Lisa Marie of joy in the final year of her life was the “” of her dad in the 2022 movie, “Elvis,” as her . Baz and the movie’s cast gave to the , who loved the movie so much that they began with the cast and .

of this, Lisa Marie spent the last week of her life her dad,rare to his at and to cheer on the movie at the .

Lisa Marie Her Dad’s at Days Her Death


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The her death, on 8, Lisa Marie at to what would have been her dad’s 88th . to the , which said the event, which a cake- led by Lisa Marie and the of a new on the of the “Elvis” movie. Elvis CEO Jack Soden said it was the crowd they’d ever had the event.

The that Lisa Marie was with huge and that of the crowd , “We love you, Lisa Marie!”

the , as seen in a video by Elvis fan Kyle ,Lisa Marie saidcách live stream game trên tiktok, “Thank you. It’s been a while. I you. I keep you’re the only that can bring me out of my house. I’m not .”

“I love you back and that’s why I’m here,” she . “Today, (Elvis) would’ve been 88 years old, it’s hard to . I think that he’d be proud. This year has been an year. The movie is , I’m very proud of it, and I hope you are too. But it’s just so how every year you come from all over the world. It’s to me and my , so thank you.”

Lisa Marie Found Much- Joy in the New ‘Elvis’ Movie

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the “Elvis” movie was , Lisa Marie began its .

“Not much else aside from my other 3 gets my time and ,” she wrote on in June. “, that being said,I do want to take a to let you know that I have seen Baz ’s movie “Elvis” twice noware you going to see the live show, and let me tell you that it is short of . .”

Lisa Marie went on to say that it was a gift to see her watch the movie, “it is that and my and their can be proud of .”

The to spend time at , and in an ABC News about the movie. When Lisa Marie of her with the actor, she wrote, “I do that this may be my first mile in 2 years.”

Two days her death, on 11, Lisa Marie the with , on the red and with and in the “Elvis” film.She and her mom ’s for the Best Actor in a Drama award, as he them.

Lisa Marie put her hands over her face and then over her heart as he said, “Thank you,guysare you going to see the live show, thank you for your , your ,your home to me. Lisa Marieare you going to see the live showare you going to see the live show|Lisa Marie Presley Celebr, , I love you .”

the red the show, Lisa Marie said ’s as her dad was “.”

“I didn’t know what to do with after I saw it,” she . “I had to take like five days to it it was so and so spot-on and so . I can’t even what it meant.”

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