air live drive|Using Air Live Drive with TeraCLOUD

Using Air Live Drive with is Air Live Drive?

Air Live Drive

Air Live Drive is a tool that you to use your cloud as a drive. It you to your cloud just like a local driveair live driveair live drivelive là gì,to use the apps of each cloud.

This how to as a cloud in Air Live Drive.

Air Live Drive here.

* To turn on or off to fromair live drive,it is to from My Page. More can be found here.

How to use

*This setup guide is based on 1.10.0. It may on your .


AirLiveDrive Icon.png

1. Air Live Drive

Air Live Drive from your start menu or by the icon.

Step. 2 Air Live Drive- Click Add Cloud Disk.png

2. Add a new cloud

Click the “Add Cloud Disk” in the upper left of the .

Step. 2.1 Air Live Drive- Click the TeraCLOUD icon.png

Click the “” icon.

3. Enter your

Enter your User ID and .

Click the “OK” .

User IDs and are case


Enter your ID.

Enter your Apps .

* If you yourair live drivelive casino house,using steps.


It may take for to newly app . If an error after yourair live drive|Using Air Live Drive with TeraCLOUD, wait a few to .

Step 4. Air Live Drive- Click Connect and Assign TeraCLOUD to a disk drive.png

4. your

Your is .

your as a disk drive to their .

files to

1 Air Live Drive- Drag and drop data.png

1. file(s)

the file(s) you wish to .

Drag an drop into the Air Live Drive- drive.

2 Air Live Drive- Upload will begin.png

2.The will begin

will be while being .


3.The file(s) will be to your


July 15, 2021

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