a live wire|Wild California chase sees suspect ram p

LOS — A man into 's ,cars and stole a to get away in a long and chase the of on .

At one pointa live wire, the was seen one and into a 's home to try to hide. The and their pets were home and with him in the – one even a knife – after he stole the keys to their truck. He their front gate and took off yet again.

, the was a gated by a . than give up at that point, he hit on the and into the again and again, space for him to swing and flee again.

The an hour and a half and only ended when the truck – at least the third he drove the chase – at a gas and was by a 's . broke out the truck and fire on the . They got the man out by the and him into .

It all began just 5 p.m.

Our KABC's news was as the who was in a black Honda Civic on in .

The tried to steal a truck,but was to break into the . He to the sedan and to flee .

The man later the car in a spot at a in the town of .

a live wire

WATCH: Chase in van rams times


The then into a white van that was and was able to hot-wire it to get it .

mon88 live, the in as a the van.

That's when the the van and into the to space. The sped away.

KABC spoke to the owner of the van who had the keys to the on him,the had the van them.

a live wire

The chase with the the wheel of the van7m.cn live socre 7m, on and other cars on the road. , he the city of , where the van lost one of its rear tires.

The van a and a car. Even after the one moved, the van was .

The kept his foot on the for to try to get the van again. began to fly where the wheel had off,anda live wire, , the he was stuck.

He was able to get out of the van the side, over the and ran into a .

WATCH: van 2 cars to get busy


a live wire

He broke into a home and got into a with the .

The fight onto the front . One was seen being held back by a woman as he tried to the man who was the 's truck.

He got into their truck and drove off,some of the and their pets.

He drove the truck their front gate as he fled.

KABC the and their pets were not .

The says they the truck three weeks ago and it's the only one they have for their .

a live wire

WATCH: SoCal tries to stop from truck chase


The later lost a front tire on the trucka live wire|Wild California chase sees suspect ram p, but he to weave in the area. He ran red and as he .

later, he at a gas after a 's the truck from .

The truck and fire .

from the back and used fire to put out the ,of smokea live wire,while the was still .

a live wire

At one point they fire into the cab of the truck. holes could be seen on the of the truck.

The as the .

then broke open the of the 's side of the truck and the out to take him into just after 6:10 p.m. in the city of .

WATCH: SoCal chase ends as shoot into truck


It did not he was . He was and did not to be as he was from the scene by .

thea live wire, were also seen and near the gas , to get him to amid the .

The 's has not yet been .

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