a live wire|Oregon residents’ LGBTQ+ Pride flag burn

,Ore. (KOIN) — are a bias crime after the of aa live wire, , home their flag was .

said they a that a Pride flag was set on fire in front of a ’s home. The flag was on a pole that was to the home when it was , to the – .

+ is half-price for 2 days

a live wire

The , who asked to for , video with ’s KOIN which to show a man fire to the flag doing a Nazi .

said that the had a Pride flag , too.

KOIN spoke with of the Anti- , who noted that these kinds of acts are on the rise.

a live wire

“ ,early in thelive stream lien minh huyen thoai, we were made aware of an of what to be a neo-Nazi on fire a Pride flag in front of ’s home in an hate crime . We got from who feel , who feel,, that this is part of a trend in their ,” said . “From flyer and to flag , and now an … this is a trend in the area.”

This comes more than a month after a judge ruled the ’s ban on types of , Black Lives signs and LGBTQ+ Pride flags,was .

The was filed amid board an LGBTQ+ Pride flag that was hung in the of an .

a live wire

Iowa teens over bad gradea live wiregrammy 2022 live fpt, say

in the 1970s by and Milk, is for its ,which of the LGBTQ+ and/or queer . While the flags are often flown Pride Month each year (June)a live wire|Oregon residents’ LGBTQ+ Pride flag burn, they are also flown year-round to , and . Non-queer can also to fly the flags to let know their homes// are safe to be .

Hate on the rise

a live wire

The Anti- said , hate — — are on the rise. The ADL the -level of ever in 2021 — and noted that the is only worse.

“As we get to , and reach a fever pitch,we see an ina live wire, and and … ,” .

There have also been cases of usinga live wire, Ye’s , which can .

a live wire

The Anti- out that most in the don’t these and many are . They also ask to any hate they see. with the flag- is urged to call NDPD at (503) 538-8321.



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